Hardware/Pixhawk Dev Call Oct 1, 2019



FMU V5 pinout - WIP

Standardization Michael Schaeuble - Looking for feedback to make this easy to adopt. Please review for layout routing or other concerns.

David -keep in mind some peripherals can change in routing.

Original 10 pin debug connector has been moved to the carrier. Since: no power module, no USB connectors on SOM anyway. Trace is on top because of speed and limited use by .
Trace is vertical connector. May be considered a stuffing option for cost optimization.

Trace - tied to LEDs, but capacitance loading should be ok at speeds used, or can pull off LEDs easily for “deep dive” debug needing trace

Do we want a biweekly call - no majority agreed a weekly call is best. (better to stay in the loop and have a short call)

End of call.