GPS data error

Hi everyone,
i have added a Ublox RTK system to my drone and during the flight, the drone position was accurate in map. After the flight , I tried to plot the GPS latitude and longitude over google map and it is showing somewhere else. Then i replayed the log data using QGroundControl, it is showing position the was accurate. After checking the log file, i realised ,the latitude and longitude logged by QGroundControl is not same as the google map GPS coordinates of the place.
Can anyone help me to find the actual GPS coordinates from the tlog file ?

Thank you

You Must download flight log and convert to CSV files with pyulog software.
next convert follow to vehicle GPS position name file and open.
in the file have GPS Specifications. and use in google earth pro.

good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you verymuch.
I have tried this with google earth and i got the results.

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