Got lost making mixer file that subscribe variable

hello guys,

I’m trying to make tiltable hexacopter and for this, mixer file should be changed
every iteration as tilting angle changes.

The problem is the mixer file seems to be a bit different from other c++ files and
I’m not sure if I can subscribe new topic ‘tilting angle’ in the mixer file.
Is it possible to do that or would there be another good way to solve this problem?

Thank you for reading!

@mitchell Have you checked the tiltrotor mixer file that already exists? link

@Jaeyoung-Lim Thank you for the information! But In my case, the tilting servo is controlled by another board(Jetson nano) so I was trying to subscribe tilting angle and apply it into the mixer file. I’m new to px4 and would it be more complicated way? Comparing to only using px4 for controlling both rotors and tilting servo.

In that case, you need to do the flight control in the Jetson too

Yes. The Jetson subscribes [F_des, M_des] from Pixhawk and solves non-linear equations to get the adequate tilting angle for my platform. After that, it publishes the tilting angle as a topic and I’m trying to make the mixer that is a function of the tilting angle but I’m a bit last… Would there be any project that might relevant to mine to get some help?

@mitchell You cannot dynamically change the mixer from the companion computer. You need to directly control the actuators from the jetson. Mixers are used to control the vehicle from the flight controller.

Would it be impossible to dynamically change the mixer with px4 after subscribing tilting angle topic from the Jetson as well? And thank you for the suggestion! It seems to be a good solution. But I was looking for the way to directly control individual rotors speed with mavros but I can’t find any clear answer. Are there might be adequate mavros topic for this?