Gimbal manager supporting Gimbal Protocol v2

Wanted to check before starting to reinvent the wheel. Is there already a component in Px4 implementing MavLink Gimbal Protocol (v2). I’m looking to implement a MAVLink only solution to work with Storm32 based gimbal.

@JulianOes and @olliw are the two guys who can best answer.

thx, auturgy, for your confidence in my capabilities to best answer here, but that’s unfortunately not the case :smiley: :smiley:

@j_p: I cannot speak for PX4, my competence with it is unfortunately almost zero. Even though it wasn’t your question, I can give some info about the STorM32:

The released STorM32 firmwares do not yet support gimbal protocol v2. I am however currently working very actively on this, and it will go into the next beta release. I have no particular schedule for release, but it’s working as much as I can see, that is, If there should be urgent need I could provide a test-version anytime. The STorM32’s gimbal protocol v2 support will initially only include the gimbal device functionalities, not gimbal manger ones.

The gimbal protocol v2 is really a huge step forward in my opinion, but I’d like to mention that - IMHO - it still could need some polishing touches here and there to bring it to it’s full potential. I’ve raised some issues in the mavlink github repro. I mention this because of the implication that any implementation might need to adapt a bit until the protocol is matured.

Anyway, it would be certainly great if PX4 would get gimbal protocol v2 support :slight_smile:

@j_p it is not implemented yet but it’s likely to be added in the next few weeks.

Hi Julian. Any update on the gimball manager in Px4?

@mrivi has this pretty much ready. Expect a PR soon!

@JulianOes is there any updates on this? Also any docs would be appreciated. Thanks.

@mrivi & @JulianOes
Any updates on supporting gimbal v2 protocol in PX4?

Sorry for the late note. This is done:

And there is a tester for gimbal devices here: