General SITL question

Hi all,

I’m new to PX4 and enjoying learning how the source code is put together.

Today I got jmavsim up and running with QGroundControl in Linux, and had a little play around. I was just using the default 3DR Iris setup.

What I noticed was that it would take off and go to waypoints in quite a smooth and stable manner, but when changing altitude on command it would start to wobble violently, and continue to do so after it had arrived at the target altitude. I think the selected airframe and firmware were correct, and I would have thought that as it’s a default, the PID settings would be well adjusted.

So my question is, is this normal for SITL flying? Moreover, is the instability due to the frame rate of the simulation being an approximation of the real world? I’m just trying to get an idea of how SITL typically looks.



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