Frsky Telemetry and Pixhawk 4 Mini

Hello everyone!

I have a X8R receiver and X9D+ 2019 receiver. I tried to setup the Frsky telemetry as it has been told in docs, but unfortunately, when I try to “discover new sensors” on the transmitter nothing pops up.
I use UART + I2C port of the Pixhawk 4 mini. In QGC I configured the FRSKY_TELEMETRY as Telem 2. RX and TX pins of the UART I connected with the signal pin of the Smart Port on X8R and GND to GND. However, I made once a mistake and accidentally connected 5V pin of the UART with 5V from the SPort, while receiver was powered through SBUS. However, the receiver is still operational and I am able to send RC commands though it.

Therefore, my question is could I accidentally destroyed the SPort and this is the reason, why I do not detect any sensors and if not what could be the problem?

Thank you and kind regards,