Found an issue bench testing manual transition on tailsitter

Firmware: 1.11.0 Master
Airframe: Tailsitter

There is a problem with the FW mode after a transition from MC.
Motor outputs do not match each other (they should in FW) elevons also do not behave properly, they have an offset. If the transition is done in any other mode to FW and then swiching to manual everithing is ok.
There is a log of bench testing this.

All this happens in Manual mode

I’ve seen it before that the transition logic doesn’t work well in manual mode. Given that most VTOL users though anyway only fly in Stabilized and higher modes, I’m not sure how much priority we can give this to be fixed. Also note that there is a param ( VT_FW_PERM_STAB) - if that is set the transitions should be okay, but it wouldn’t let you fly in manual mode in FW.

Is rarely used but will crash the VTOL plane allways. It must be disabled if not corrected…

Fair point. Would you have the ability to look into it? Happy to support ofc.
Let’s also start by creating an issue on github.

If you can guide me to know where I sould look for the error, yes.
I already created an issue:

I also found this type of throttle spikes:
not run transition flight task when not enable altitude control by xdwgood · Pull Request #16091 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub
Flying in FW mode with a tailsitter. Any idea what can be?