Flashing FMU using `make target upload` fails

I always flash my Pixhawk 4 by using make px4_fmu-v5_default upload. There has never been any problem with that. Now, out of nowhere, I suddenly get the following error:

ninja: error: unknown target 'upload'
make: *** [Makefile:219: px4_fmu-v5_default] Error 1

What happened here? What did I do wrong?

OK, deleting the build folder actually and trying again solved the problem. Can anybody shed some light on why this happened?

Did noone ever run into this? I keep having the problem. Everytime, I want to flash the firmware on my pixhawk using upload I first have to delete the build directory.

I think there was a regression not too long ago where this was reported by @davids5

What version of the code base are you currently on? Make sure you are on master and try to do a cleanup of your workspace with make distcleanup

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A maintainer just tested uploading and worked just fine

make px4_fmu-v5 upload
1482/1483] uploading px4
Loaded firmware for board id: 50,0 size: 2016665 bytes (97.69%), waiting for the bootloader...
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@rroche Thanks for your help. After make distcleanup it actually worked.

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Glad it worked for you! :clap: