Flap deployment with joystick controller (No RC controller)

I’ve recently switched away from a traditional RC controller for a simpler joystick (simple PS4 controller) setup over telemetry. Typically, my flights are fully autonomous, but when I do try to take over control, the flaps are deployed and I am not able to control their up or down position from the joystick.

I’ve tried setting RC_MAP_FLAPS to an unused channel and although this works when I use a traditional RC controller, it doesn’t seem to work with the joystick.

Has anybody had luck with flap control with a joystick (No RC) setup?

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Hi, we had the same problem.


And it is not possible now, due to MAVLINK and uORB messages, that support only x,y,z,r axis (and some buttons). Quick solution for this problem should be to create some ROS application which will simulate RC transmitter though RC_OVERRIDE messages.

Or did you find some other solution?