Fixed Wing control: Updating of RC channels value manually

Refer from MANUAL FLIGHT MODE Fixed Wing aircraft example
There is two option we can control
1. Manual

1.Manual :
RC channel value is directly update to manual_control_setpoint structure.
2. Stabilize:
Here we are giving the value of roll and pitch angle commands and a manual yaw command.

We want to create a module which will give the data of roll,pitch & yaw value from the command line (nsh console)and the flight mode is in Stabilize.

Question is How we can give data of roll,pitch, & yaw from nsh console. Later we ll map it to our ground station.

This tutorial covers writing an app which can publish to an orb topic:

Hi Mark ,

good day!

I read the tutorial and following the orb topic to publish my data,
But my question is, I want to give data manually instead of RC channels and publish it to vehicle_rates_setpoint.

if (manual_sp_updated)
/* get the RC (or otherwise user based) input /
orb_copy(ORB_ID(manual_control_setpoint), manual_sp_sub, &manual_sp);
check if the throttle was ever more than 50% - go later only to failsafe if yes /
if (isfinite(manual_sp.z) &&
(manual_sp.z >= 0.6f) &&
(manual_sp.z <= 1.0f)) {
get the system status and the flight mode we’re in /
orb_copy(ORB_ID(vehicle_status), vstatus_sub, &vstatus);
publish rates */
orb_publish(ORB_ID(vehicle_rates_setpoint), rates_pub, &rates_sp);

Thank you

What do you mean by “give the data manually”? If you mean by typing on the console, you’ll just have to figure out how to make your app read console input, and use that instead of RC to set the vehicle_rates_setpoint.

Of course, you’ll have a problem with the serial cable connected to the console port once you start flying…

Thanks Mark,

It’s ok my app will read the data from console,
But need to know what data is required.
Means the parameters are should be as per the RC value.

I don’t understand your question.