FastDDS (RTPS) subscriber data periodically pausing 1 - 3 seconds

I’m running the micrortps_client on TELEM3 connected to a UART on a raspberry pi 4B. This would stream subscribed sensor_combined data incredibly fast. After updating to the 10/19/2022 build and regenerating the source for sensor_combined.idl, I noticed frequent 1-3 second pauses in the data. Companion computer CPU not maxed out.

Here’s my setup:
nsh> micrortps_client start -d /dev/ttyS1 -b 1500000 -l -1
$ ./micrortps_agent -d /dev/ttyS0 -b 1500000
$ micrortps_listener/bin/armLinux2.6gcc/sensor_combinedPublisherSubscriber subscriber

This looks like a work in progress. On today’s build (10/21/2022) micrortps_client is now renamed:
nsh> microdds_client start -t serial -d /dev/ttyS1 -b p:SER_TEL3_BAUD
but no data. The agent logs:
[ micrortps_agent ] sensor_combined publisher matched
The the listener logs “Subscriber matched”, and prints nothing else.

nsh> microdds_client status
INFO [microdds_client] Running, disconnected
INFO [microdds_client] Payload tx: 0 B/s
INFO [microdds_client] Payload rx: 0 B/s