ESC Telemetry feedback

Hi everyone ,
I am currently building an octo coaxial setup with the T-Motor ALPHA ESCs( w/ telemetry feedback) and I was wondering if someone already implemented or is implementing “ESC telemetry feedback” functionality.
Otherwise, I could implement and test it on my side.


There is DShot telemetry support, but I see the ALPHA is using a different format, so that will need to be implemented.
Let me know if you need pointers on how to do it.

Hello Pedro,
had you problems using Alpha ESC and PX4?
We have some problems controlling the motor (T-Motor U5 KV400) and Alpha ESC (T-Motor Alpha 40 LV).
Motors don’t responde correctly to motor_test

Hi @davidemiccone,
no, we did not face any issues. Make sure that you have the right firmware in the ESC.
What I also noticed is that the motor test feature only gives a couple seconds pulse to the ESC. I haven’t checked the code, but to me it looks like that this is just to check if the motors are working and spinning in the right direction.

Hi Pedro

Are you getting any telemetry data from the ESCs? Do you have any information about the data protocol used?

Hi, unfortunately I didn’t have time yet to look into that. For the protocol you have to contact T-Motor.
They use a Serial Wire serial protocol at 19200BPS with 160Bytes message(all 8 ESC can “inject” in the bus the data).

Hi Pedro,
Is the t-motor ESC are now compatible with PX4 ?
How do you inject multiple serial telemetry on the PX4 ?
Is the px4 able to drive 8 ESC in dshot protocol ?

Hi @Moi_Moi ,
if you are referring to the Dshot telemetry: YES that works. Although I have to say not 100%
If you are referring t refer to the Alpha series telemetry then: No
Yes you can have 8 DSHOT outputs if your FC supports. Mostly when doesnt have an MCU-IO.

Those for example support up to 8 Dshot outputs.

Hi Pedro,

I’m building a project using T motor Alpha ESC with PX4. Could I ask you a question?
How could px4 get feedback signal from alpha ESC? what protocol did you use?
I have tried many methods but not succeed in that yet.

Thank you.