ESC Calibration error

I’m using QGC and the Convergence firmware in a PixFalcon controller. When I do the ESC calibration, after it goes thru it’s making various tones, it then displays Esc Calibration Fails: Timeout waiting for bat. Which seems strange because after I plug the battery in to begin the calibration, it acts like it is trying to do it. The hardware setup is not the standard motors/esc for the convergence. They are a larger set. I’m using 3 Turnigy SK 4250/500s motors. Maybe the problem are the ESCs? I’m using 2 Hobbyking™ SS Series 90-100A ESC for the front tilt motors. And a Castle Ice 100 for the rear motor. Is the issue due to using different ESCs, or that they might be incompatible? Thanks for any input.

Here is the solution description. This setup will use 6 cell lipos. So, when I plugged the battery in, it was supplying power to the ESCs only. Not the PDB which has a 4 cell max. I incorrectly assumed that the USB or the BEC voltage would be detected. When I plugged the separate 3 cell battery into the PDB, the calibration completed! Now, the Castle ESC just continues to beep as though it has not initialized. So it appears that the Castle ESC won’t work with the controller. On to the next step.