Error calibrating pixracer - bad board or user error?

I had a crash and had to replace my pixracer (gps connector came off!). My new pixracer is giving me the following error when I try to calibrate the “level horizon”

Start the individual calibration steps by clicking one of the buttons to the left.
[cal] calibration started: 2 level
attitude estimator not running - check system boo
[cal] calibration failed: level

I purchased this from auav (not a cheap imposter!) and running 1.5.5 firmware and qgc.

Thoughts? Hoping this isn’t a bad board and am doing something wrong!

Hello all,
Is this the right forum for tech support on the pixracer or should I also be contacting auav? I have google searched and the only hit I found pointed towards a bad board. Glad to read up on any logs/troubleshooting (want to make sure i try and figure out also!)


Are u using QGC 3.0.x?

Yes, I am running the latest version v3.x

Any ideas here? Should I request a return or is there something else I should look at?


Sorry to be a pain, but any suggestions? I am open to reading or doing something else if this is a noob issue! I’ve been stuck in same spot for a while now and unsure if its something simple or should be requesting a exchange on the board.

Thanks in advance!