EKF2 Not Logging Innovations

I am flight testing a Vision Position system I have built, the drone flies okay but I need to tune some of the EKF2 Parameters. The trouble I am having is when I run the analysis script in Tools/ecl_ekf here I get the response:

Using test criteria loaded from /home/matthew/src/Firmware/Tools/ecl_ekf/check_level_dict.csv
found estimator_status data
could not find ekf2_innovation data

So it seems that the .ulg files don’t contain the EKF2 Innovations I need for the analysis.

Here is a recent flight log to demonstrate this: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=b2241362-7078-4f39-baa2-64327c99fe6f

This may be a rookie question, but how can I make the flight controller log this data?