I learned the GenerateEquations22states.m、 estimator_22states.cpp and ekf_att_pos_estimator_main.cpp, I found the function AttPosEKF::FuseOptFlow() in the estimate22states.cpp was not been used in the ekf_att_pos_estimator.cpp ,but I only saw the AttPosEKF::OpticalFlowEKF() .

Now I don’t understand that the significance of the AttPosEKF::FuseOptFlow() appearance in the estimate22states.cpp.

I know OpticalFlowEKF()and FuseOptFlow() are functions of fusing the optical flow, but I want to konw the significance of them and why not combine the two?


AttPosEKF::OpticalFlowEKF() is a two state estimator running inside the main EKF that estimates height above ground and optical flow sensor scale factor error. is can use both range finder and optical flow measurements.

AttPosEKF::FuseOptFlow() fuses optical flow measurements into the main filter and uses the estimated relative terrain height from AttPosEKF::OpticalFlowEKF() in its calculations.

Thanks, Paul_Riseborough!!