Dronekit messing up with PX4 parameters?

Hello every one,

I saw this a few days ago : https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/10326

Is there some kind of known incompatibility between PX4 and Dronekit ?

Here is my issue : I’m using Dronekit on my Raspberry Pi Zero to communicate with my Pixhawk 2.1 in order to control my payload. I’m running a custom version of PX4 (based on V1.8 Stable Release) that only has two custom modules and a few parameters added in it.

In brief :

  • Few minutes after powering the system I get this message : “NO MAG SENSOR 0”
  • If I wait a bit more, I get hundreds of time the following messages with “x” incrementing : “[pm] unknown param ID : x”
  • And, if I try to calibrate the magnetometer : “Mag 0 no device id, abort”

Could it be because I added some custom parameters ? Is there something specific to do ?

Thanks in advance for the help,

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