Drone unstable and crash. Beta firmware v1.7.4

Hi guys,

I am just wondering if you guys can help me understand this log because I crashed my drone this morning. I did some changes on the frame and I also updated the firmware. I don’t think it is because the update of the firmware but I though I should ask if someone is also having problems.

After takeoff I tried to change the flight mode to hold(loiter) and the drone become unstable. I tried really hard to bring the drone back but my flight skill is not that great.

The drone had a hard land on the street, propellers are broken but besides that everything seems to be ok but I am afraid that it will happen again if I do not fix the problem.

This is the log from today with the new firmware:

This is the log before all the changes

Hi, this is a comment not an answer.

Below is my thread in this discussion.

In my case, with PX4 v1.7.3 quadcopter flied well in position control mode and manual mode. But its attitude was unstable and it even fell only when it stops against 7 - 8 m/s wind while moving horizontally in automatic position control mode. This symptom did not happened in manual mode in the same situation for more abrupt maneuvering.

Good luck.