Draw 3d trajectory of my flight without using GPS


hi. How can i draw the trajectory of my flight in 3d space without using GPS and may be using the Dataflash logs with imu and yaw pitch roll values. something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6JYP5WzFY4

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Do the logs have position estimates without the gps? You can use the pitch, roll, yaw and speed and create a 3d velocity vector which you can integrate over time to generate position estimates. The uncertainty in position might grow pretty fast without a gps, though.

If you are asking how to make a 3d plot of the data that might be better asked on a forum for the specific software you are using - python or matlab?


thanku. yes the logs have imu data and pitch yaw and roll. i was just wondering if there is something opensource to feed in this data and get a 3d trajectory


Look into python and matplotlib. Or use Octave which can run matlab scripts.