(Draft, Do not use) PX4 Maintainers call Meeting Note format

About the Meeting

Location: ‘Dev-Call-Maintainers’ channel on Discord
Time: 5pm CET (4pm UTC)
Attendees: PX4 Maintainers (official onboarding / systemization is in progress, but everyone that is maintaining PX4 for now!)


Here are the agendas for this call:

  • Maintainers update on open PRs/Issues/ideas from the past week

Maintainers update

Each maintainer provides a sub-5-minute update on their sector.



Multicopter Control

Fixed Wing Control

VTOL Control


General Discussion

Maintainers definition & onboarding

  • Maintainers role definition document is getting drafted by Junwoo and Ramon


What can we do better? Or, any topic we should discuss?