Doubt about Flight Tasks in HITL vs SITL

Hi guys! I’m working on an improved version of Follow-me Auto mode and simulating with a Pixhawk + Gazebo (v1.10-rc3). I’ve noticed that when doing SITL, the target location goes through tasks/AutoFollowMe/FlightTaskAutoFollowMe.cpp but when doing HITL, the target position goes from modules/mavlink/mavlink_receiver.cpp--> navigator/follow_target.cpp directly through uORB without passing through Flight Task. So my doubt is: is FlightTask going to be used when the firmware is run normally on the pixhawk?? (i.e. not in HITL mode)

I saw the FlightTask video from PX4 summit but still can’t figure out why HITL doesn’t go through FlightTasks.

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Are you talking about FollowMe, or Flow? I’m confused now…

I’m sorry, I used the term “flow” badly, I meant something like “the flow of the target position info inside the program”. I’m just talking about FollowMe

Aha, thx!

@MaEtUgR could you please check this? Thanks.

I think i made a mistake before, I realized some days ago that the follow-me target position goes through FlightTasks in both SITL and HITL. This thread can be closed.

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