Does auto take off work?

Hello all, I just recently put a Pixhawk in a fixed wing that I have. I prefer to auto launch the plane because of my flying field. However the documentation regarding auto take off for Qgroundcontrol doesn’t say what happens when the auto launch is completed. Do I just switch to another mode? Does the flight controller just level out the plane and fly straight waiting for further input? What happens? Also, looking over the forums here, a lot of people are saying that the auto take off doesn’t work well. Does it work?
Auto take off worked great with Inav. But I don’t know what to expect with the Pixhawk and Qgroundcontrol. Any help would be appreciated.
thank you all…Rudy

this is not the answer you are looking for, but it may be of some interest to you that i use auto take off from runway (runway takeoff) all the time and it works very well. i use mission mode and tell the plane to aim for the takeoff waypoint, which i line up with the runway, and the plane tracks straight as an arrow down the runway and lifts off perfectly. couldnt be happier.

  1. its a tricycle gear (nosewheel) plane, not a tail dragger.
  2. its not hand/catapult launch - so i don’t know how that works.
    seems like the hand launch code would be easier than runway takeoff?