Distance Sensor: Benewake TF03-100 LiDAR not giving any data

I am trying to use Benewake TF03-100 LiDAR with pixhawk cube fmuv3. I have connected the same on Telem port 2 and have activated the same for tfmini driver. as mentioned on the following pages https://dev.px4.io/master/en/middleware/modules_driver_distance_sensor.html

problems that i am facing:
1/. when i am checking in the QGC there is no data being streamed on distance-sensor (in fact there is no parameter named distance-sensor in mavlink inspector )
2/. when i checked the log file i found the distance sensor parameter but there is no data in it… all the related (distance-sensor) parameters are blank.
FYI: I am using the Firmware version 1.11.0rc…

My queries: does px4 support the Benewake TF03-100 LiDAR sensor?
if yes how can i get the data?

Please suggest me how I can get the distance sensor data .

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TF03 in UART interface is supported by PX4

Thanks for the reply…
I have setup TF03 on GPS2 port (as it uses UART8 on cube).
in the console when i run " tfmini start " it shows already started.

but when i am running “listener distance_sensor 5” it just give a single massage “TOPIC: distance_sensor” and there is no data.

also in the mavlink inspector there is no topic being published on the name of distance_ sensor.
Please suggest me if i have to make any other changes to setup the sensor.

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