Custom UART driver not scheduled?

Hi all, I’ve written a custom UART driver for the integration of an Ultra Wide Band module (DWM1001) based on already existing drivers (TFMINI and LeddarOne essentially), as suggested in the developer guide.

If I’m not wrong, the typical scenario should be the following one when starting the driver (dwm1001 start):
main --> init --> start (here the problem) --> Run and Collect (if scheduling works properly).
The problem is that it seems the command “ScheduleOnInterval” does not schedule the driver. Here is what I get in the mavlink console when starting it. Connection to /dev/ttyS2 (TELEM 2) Pixracer.

Here is the code I’m working on;

Thank you for your attention.

I don’t see any use of the new work queue (ScheduleOnInterval) in your github link.

You could also try running work_queue start to see what’s running.

Thank you for your answer! After 3 days of being stuck always at the same point, I decided to develop my driver as a stand alone task, this is why you don’t see any trace of ScheduleOnInterval. I know it is not the best solution, but I just needed it to work and now it works as it should be. If I will have enough time I will try to write a second version of the driver following your suggestion :slight_smile: