Custom Sensor Integration and Monitoring

I have been searching day for a straight forward solution or at least a clear starting point for my project.
I want to sample some custom sensors… My sensors are being sampled and processed via a separate Arduino board. Then I can send the sensor data using ADC Channels, Serial, I2C , etc. I want to sent this values to Pixhawk. Create a mavlink message for them and then I can monitor the values in Qgroundcontrol analyze plot and data monitoring as MY_SENSOR_1…
I also want to include them in the log file stored in SD card…
Can you please help me where to start and what resources are out there?

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It’s a very interesting project. I have search information about this subject and the pixhawk/cube can configure analog inputs as the same way as the range finder…

And about QgroundControl and Mavlink, there are the guides provide by PX4:



I wish you luck, I would also like to know if there is a best/easier way to achieve this goal.

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Thanks I will update this post as I progress in this project…

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Just to update the topic for you and anyone else.
I did this project following these steps:
accessing uORB Topic ADC_Report and add them in the debug_vector example mavlink message already available in PX4.
I also added adc_report to sdlogger file on SD so I can both monitor the data in qGround analyze window and also log it on SD Card.

My next step is to read custom I2C Sensor data and also monitor them on flying window in QQground.

I also created some YouTube tutorial about this project if anyone is interested: