Custom FW flight behavior via app

I am working on creating an app that is activated via the console that will do the following behavior:

-Turn off the motors
-Pitch the aircraft up at 10 deg/s
-Then activate a servo channel at a specific point to deploy a parachute

Assuming the aircraft is flying in stabilized mode, what uORB message do I publish to if I want to control the pitch rate? All of the ones that I have tried seem to publish but have no reaction from the aircraft in SIL simulation. I can directly control the servos using actuator_controls but the stabilize system seems to fight my input. I have also used vehicle_status to switch modes during this time and seem to get no response from the aircraft in SIL even though the raw rc output shows full elevator deflection. I have also tried:


I am at a loss on how to implement this control behavior.

One last thing, after all of this is done, I need to disarm the aircraft. I have attempted using vehicle_status to do this but no response from the vehicle.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide.
Dane Johnson