Current Pixhawk PX4 Autopilot Pro

Hello everyone; I am using QGroundControl to Setup Pixhawk Px4 Autopilot on my Quad-copter. Yesterday on QGC I loaded the newest, stable version of the Firmware. QGC only listed it as Pixhawk Autopilot Pro x.x.x.x.x.x…? I watched a video by Painless360 on PID’s… and he suggested that we READ the Wiki on our current version about PID’s and any changes. So, my question is, How do I determine what Version my Quad-copter downloaded yesterday…? Thanks in Advance…! =)

Click on the Summary tab on the top left-hand side.

Good luck.

Thanks for reply…sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you…life sucks…! Now I have grave concern… I bought my Pixhawk PX4 off, I set it up through QGC and things seemed to go well…! However, When I looked at the files on the PX4 Micro SD Card the DATA file was in Chinese or Japanese…? I can’t read one thing…! I haven’t even done a test flight yet and I’m thinking about tethering my Quad-copter to a Cement Block mainly because I don’t know or have any idea what it’ going to do…! Has anyone else had these type of feelings about their Quad’s w/a Pixhawk from a foreign Country…? It’s a 500mm w/$100.00 in 4-Motors and another $100.00 invested in Batteries…! Is there any way I can replace the DATA file(s) w/one that’s written in English…? Thanks in Advance, James…