Cube Orange crash. Hardware issue?

Today my drone fell out of the sky while I was flying manual. Flight log:

My setup:

S500 series frame
CubePilot Cube Orange
PX4 master 67a0e19
Here3 GNSS
BLHeli_32 35A ESCs

It looked like the motors just stopped spinning, but PX4 was still running and logging after that. There weren’t any log messages when the motors stopped spinning, but before that it looks like the Here3 stopped communication (mag timeout and no more GPS data).

Right after this happened, I power cycled the drone and tried to spin motors to see if anything broke. The motors spun for a second and then stopped, and the FCU stopped responding to anything (log stopped as well). Here’s that log

When I tried to power cycle right after that, I wouldn’t even get to the boot tune. Back at the bench now, everything boots up fine and works as expected.

This sounds like a hardware issue with my FCU to me, since I don’t know what else would cause it to not get to the boot tune. But I would like to rule out PX4 being the issue before I try to get it replaced.