CRSF Missing in PX4 v1.14.0

I have a Pixhawk 6x running the latest version of PX4 (v1.14.0) and I am trying to configure my ELRS receiver (RP3) following instructions here:

The settings RC_CRSF_TEL_EN and RC_CRSF_PRT_CFG are missing. The previous firmware 1.13.3 had those settings and my TX/RX was working until I updated the firmware. Everything else seems to be working fine… I have been trying to figure it out all day and not sure if those settings were removed or something wrong with my firmware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@bkueng do you have any idea why this would not be in v1.14?

Yes flash space - unfortunately. It’s also mentioned in the docs: CRSF Telemetry (TBS Crossfire Telemetry) | PX4 User Guide (main)

I apologize for missing that, thank you!