Creating custom plane model in gazebo

I’m trying a create a model in gazebo similar to that of standard plane, only the dimensions are different.

How do i create a custom model with the physics similar to that of standard plane, (have the .stl model)

You’ll want to modify the sdf files to match the plane and then you can load mesh to make it look like your plane. Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models has a plane model which is where I would start

Hey @lelliotts20 thanks for the info, but im still unclear on how to approach.

What exactly should i modify in the sdf files and the mesh files are of .dae format , is .stl formats are compatible ?

SDF is an XML derivative for Gazebo. You’ll have to go read through the documentation and tutorials to figure out exactly what needs to be changed. My best guess is you’ll want to change some of the inertial and mass numbers to match your implementation. And then the collision box to make it have a bigger hitbox. As far as STL goes you’ll probably have to convert it to dae