Correct Parameters for Camera_Feedback_Msg

I am trying to write GPS data to my pictures that are being taken. The way this is happening is a send the camera_feedback_msg via telemetry Line to the Flir Vue Pro. Once i send the message I take the picture by sending the PWM Signal to the correct duty cycle. I have review that i am taking the picture and that works correctly. But i am not sure if the way i am sending the message with the data is correct or the order that i am sending it. Below is the code that i am doing to pack and send the message:

int count = 1;
mavlink_message_t msg;
uint8_t len;

mavlink_msg_camera_feedback_pack     (0,100,&msg,30,1,0,count,43.040813,-76.129793,0.15,0.15,-2.82,-0.38,301.74,0.00,0);

 len = mavlink_msg_to_send_buffer(buf,&msg);

Please let me know if things are correct or any suggestions on how to setup the logic for this.

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