Controlling stepper motors with Pixhawk and PX4

Hello, hope everyone is doing well!

I am currently working on a project where I need to control stepper motors using a RadioLink T8FB RC controller, a Pixhawk 2.4.6 and PX4. I understand that there is not much support for stepper motors with the Pixhawk, which is why I am posting here to see if there is anyone who can help me with this matter.

From what I have researched, stepper motors cannot be controlled directly using the Pixhawk as the Pixhawk sends out PWM signals. What most people would do to resolve that is to include a microcontroller as a middleman. For my case, I am using an Arduino Uno. After reviewing the PX4 documentation, I believe that I would need to use the PCA 9865 driver in order to send the signals to the Arduino. Unfortunately, whenever I move the controllers on the RC, nothing is being sent out from the Pixhawk, as seen from the MAVLink console in QGroundControl. TLDR: I want to be able to control stepper motors with a RC through a Pixhawk flashed with PX4.

This is my first time working on a project like this and I have been stuck at this stage for a couple of weeks. I’m new to the flight controller space and would love to hear the responses from the community, and if anyone could point me into the right direction to look into, that would be amazing.