Control the servos connected to crazyflie bolt 1.1 using autopilot

Hello. I am making a ducted-fan single copter with crazyflie 1.1. It will use four servos to control the drone’s attitude. (I’m attaching a picture for understanding.)

My biggest question, is there a method that can control the four control surfaces of a single copter?
what I’m checking : 멀티콥터 설정 | PX4 오토파일럿 사용자 설명서

Also, can the autopilot program be installed in crazyflie1.1?
sepc of crazyflie bolt 1.1 : Crazyflie Bolt 1.1 | Bitcraze
now I’m using the crazyflie firmware in vm ubuntu.

I want to finally control the attitude of the singlecopter with 4 servos. I sincerely hope that I can get your help. Thank you!