Control AUX channel in Offboard Mode

Hey guys,

I want to control a servo that is connected to one of the AUX (e.g. AUX2 ) channels in offboard mode.
Which mavros or mavlink message is the right one to use? I have tried a little bit but nothing is happening.
However, I can make the servo move if I passthrough a channel from the RC to AUX and control the servo with the RC, so the servo seems to be fine. But i havent figured out how I can control the AUX channel in offboard with mavros/mavlink

Any help appreciated.


Can you describe here how you made the Aux channel work for the servos by doing "passthrough a channel from the RC to AUX " Which channel number did you use.

thank you


have a look here. There you can set the RC channel for the passthrough. You need to power the servo externally.

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thanks,mate .
In fact I did go thro’ this document a couple of times later realizing my entire issue was on faulty jst cables !! Very weird indeed … it has been resolved.

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