Connecting multiple current signals to the pixhawk

Is it possible to connect 8 current signals (each one from each ESC - like this one: to the pixhawk and display them separately on flight data hud in mission planner or on OSD for example, to see current draw from each motor on x8 quad? Do I need some kind of current sigal hub or anything like it?

Anyone have any idea? Someone will help?

How about this idea? Among products of Futaba company, there are current sensing devices and their output can be output through S.BUS2. So if your Pixhawk receive and processes the S.BUS2 signals you may get them. A Pixhawk seems to have S.BUS port.

At last someone answered :grinning:. Good Idea and so far only one as well :wink:. I will try to find this current sensing devices you took about and I will update this topic ASAP. For now many thanks for answering and for help :blush:

I did some research again and I have found mentioned Futaba SBS-01C Current Sensor (I believe it is what you had in mind) but the thing is, that you can connect with it only one source of signal and this source is fixed to this module and then goes thru S.BUS to FC. So you can’t connect multiple signals to it.
While I was looking for Futaba sensor I come across almost this what I wanted ALMOST :unamused: . Not mentioning the price which is quite high, yes! :heart_eyes: with this hub you can connect up to 8 current signals :astonished: but! :disappointed: it shows the sum of the currents of all enabled sensors. So again you can’t get separate reading and display it separately as well.
So I guess we have to wait for such a hub little bit longer to appear on the market.

How about to use multiple SBS-01C current sensors and some S.BUS2 hub device in Futaba? S.BUS2 seems to support multiple device communication.

I have current sensosrs (that are analogue signals) on each ESC already. So to use SBS-01C would be to costfull and no guarantee that is going to work. For now as I mentioned there is no such a device on the market or if you find one please paste a link to it.

I see. I searched ago but could not find also. There’s no premade product currently I think. The only way seems to make custom mini micom board.

That would be beyond my electronic skills :yum: so I better will wait for someone else to make it :wink:

Ok. Then nobody knows multiple analog input interface module for Pixhawk to measure several motors currents? Great excellent developers including @LorenzMeier may know the solution…