Connect ESP8266 to Router

Current setup
I have a Vicon mocap system that I’m using for indoor flights. My current quadrotor has a Pixracer with an ESP8266 and does not have a companion computer.

What I’m trying to do
Receive state estimation values from the Vicon mocap to my laptop and send commands to Pixracer over Wifi using MAVLink. I want to do basic trajectory tracking.

What I need help with

  1. How to connect both the ESP8266 and my laptop to the router that is connected to the Vicon mocap machine. Currently, the ESP8266 is connected to my laptop over Wifi name “Pixracer”. I need the laptop to be also connected to the router for Vicon.
  2. How to setup the three-way communication between my laptop, Pixracer (ESP8266), and Vicon machine over this singular Wifi.

I’m a novice in drone, Pixhawk, mocap, and MAVLink. If my question needs more detail, please let me know.
Thank you!