Computer vision on PX4Flow

Hello all

Did Anyone successfully used the px4flow as hardware baseline for computer vision trial ? Seems to be pretty neat platform to get started with embedded CV…


Hi Pierre - it is compute-wise pretty limited.

Hello Lorenz

Agreed, full shebang computer vision would be difficult on such devices. Even if it is an ARM … But it depends what you re trying to achieve.
I was more thinking about lighter computation such as landmark detection. That would be identification of a clearly defined pattern, based on color detection.
That would not involve openCV type of libraries.

Any other one on forum tryed to use this module (beside optical flow application) ?


You can consider using OpenMV to do what you want to achieve.

hello all.

As follow up.
I ended up using a Raspberry Pi, running Open CV / python. Camera is either a PiCamera or a standard USB low cost camera.
USB camera is 640x480 and the very simple I wrote in Python gives me 3 positions a second.