Communication to lower level control parameters


Are there any examples or is it possible for an companion board to send ‘equivalent’ control signals (not reference signals) to PX4?

I am using an companion board which runs an expensive algorithm to estimate disturbances effecting a rotary wing uav. I would like the companion board to send the disturbance as an control signal to PX4.

Is this in development, or will it require development from my side.

Sorry not so much of answer but I think I am working on similar project.

What I am looking to do is inject small perturbations for very slight and quick course corrections into the PX4 fight controller. I done this directly with hardware in board product called DroneDrive in the past. However, I am thinking now with flight stacks running on ARM M4s and hopefully soon ARM M7s, the processing is fast enough that what was done in hardware can moved to software.

If you wish collaborate slack me on the PX4 #Hovergames channel.

Hi @Jeff_Michalski

Awesome. Will contact you via slack in the coming days.