Communication between Computer and Pixhawk4

Hi everyone,

I’m new here on this forum, thanks for having me.
I’m looking to develop a wing using a lidar (Lidar-Lite) obstacle avoidance to improve it’s flight at low altitude.
In order to get better reactivity during terrain follow I’m thinking of placing the lidar sensor -45° down (instead of -90°). In order to process this lidar-lite input and other data collecting sensor (mapping - RGB camera/ Lidar / NIR /…) I was thinking of getting a NVIDIA TX2 Computer.

Could you please give a push in the good direction regarding navigation communication protocols between the CC and the PIX4 (hollybro). For instance "terrain raising (5%) → increase attitude (pitch up 5%).

Thank you for your help



Hi, any input on how to communicate from on sensor/CC to input flight command to the Pixhawk?



A good place to start would be setting up a companion computer as described in the dev guide. From there, it really depends on your application. Maybe running ROS and using MAVROS is a good approach