Commander killing the motors by itself


On a custom vehicle running pixhawk cube, the commander killed the motors, but the kill switch was not engaged.
Please check this log.

This is simply a custom mixer on top of release v1.10.

Is there any other source that the physical switch that can trigger the message “Manual kill-switch engaged”?



No, unfortunately it seems that you have glitches in your remote. We don’t see it in the “Manual Control Inputs” graph because it falls between two samples. You should already see those messages in QGC before taking off; try to shake the remote or the switch to see if it comes from a bad connection.

Which remote controller did you use?

Hi, we are using a Futaba T14SG 14 Channel.
As a temporary solution, we assigned another channel to the kill switch.
This seems to work so far…

Thanks for the quick reply.