Collaboration with Canopus team

Well, almost the end of one of the most challenging years in recent history.

What do you think about applying data science and take benefit in some cases where we’ve worked and the innovative solutions we developed to solve them like,

  1. Performing GIS and Geo analytics on the data captured utilizing the drone flights.
  2. The LiDAR sensor data captured from the drone flight over the forest.
  3. The implementation of the machine learning algorithm in order to perform image analytics to identify the empty and occupied parking spaces to automate the parking space monitoring and management by utilizing drones.
  4. Allow drones to take the decision in run time which improved the efficiency of drones in mast inspection to enable the Drone to make decisions before sending feedback to the ground.

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Apart from this canopus team has built various robust scalable enterprise-level drone-based solutions including:

  • GCS Implementations
  • Mission And Flight Planner Solutions
  • Flight Tracking Solutions
  • Drone Flight Operations Management
  • On-demand Pilot Management
  • CRM Systems For Managing Enterprise Customers

Over the course of years, we have worked with drones from:

DJI, 3DR, Parrot

And have expertise working with the following open-source platforms:
QGroundControl, Dronecode, MAVSDK Px4 autopilot

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