Changing I2c clock speed to 50kHz for ms5611 - fmu-v5


I’m trying to reduce the the i2c clock speed to 50kHz for the fmu-v5, but independently from what I change, it does not reduce the clock speed (I’m checking the speed with an oscilloscope)
Please note that I’m running v1.10 version from PX4
Here is what I tried to change

Thanks in advance!

No need to change anything in the code, just simply do use this command

fmu i2c busId freqHz

It seems that 50kHz is not supported though, because when I do “fmu i2c 2 50000” I get 10kHz on the bus.
Any idea?

Hello @Malis

I’m trying to run this command in the MissionPlanner Terminal for a Pixhawk 4 Mini uploaded with Arducopter firmware (APM 4.2 -ph4-mini). But the CLI doesn’t work anymore in this arducopter version … Do you have any idea how to do it ?

The main goal is to reduce the i2c external bus speed to get a stable reading of the external BMP280 mounted on my quad

Thanks for you help


Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with arducopter code, so I can’t help you.
Good luck!

For Ardupilot, best to ask at rather than here