Catastrophic Accel, Gyro, Manual Control Failure on Bench

I’m using a Pixhawk 2.1 Running a custom version of 1.7. During a bench test, the autopilot was armed in stabilize mode. Within a quick succession, the autopilot logged an accel #0 Fail TOUT, gyro #0 Fail tout, and a manual control loss (and failsafe to land mode).

I verified that the RC link all the way to the sbus input was good, but the link would not re-establish without a power cycle/reboot.

Other things seen: Estimator time slip of 44 ms, CPU load decreased over 5%, Veritical position check bit went high for 1 point, the Main actuator outputs stopped logging.

Does anyone know if this has happened before or if there is a know cause or fix? I’m sorry, i’m not able to post the data.

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