Cannot find definitions of some variables in ekf2_main.cpp

Hi all,
I was trying to figure out the principle of airspeedfusion in pixhawk this morning and found this:
if (fuse_airspeed) {
float eas2tas = airspeed.true_airspeed_m_s / airspeed.indicated_airspeed_m_s;
_ekf.setAirspeedData(airspeed.timestamp, &airspeed.true_airspeed_m_s, &eas2tas);
It was found in src\modules\ekf2\ekf2_main.cpp. However, i failed to find the definition of setAirspeedData anywhere in the whole project. I have tried to search it in all files, but it seemed that it only appeared once exactly where I found it. Did I miss anything?
Many thanks in advance!

The definition is here and the airspeed fusion code is here

Many many thanks!! I was new to the project and forgot to add submodules…

No problem, glad to help :slight_smile: