Can px4fmu-v2 pins other than GPIOs use interrupts?

I need to use a pin on the px4fmu-v2 with interrupt capability to measure frequency. My configuration requires 10 servos, the 8 main pwm outputs and 2 of the aux pwm outputs. I recently learned the the fmu-v2 doesn’t support mode_pwm_gpio where AUX1-4 are pwm and AUX 5-6 are GPIO, meaning that none of those pins are available to use.

The only example of an interrupt capability I’ve found is for the GPIO pins (

Are there other pins that can use interrupts (ADC, etc)?

It’d be really nice if I didn’t have to have a whole separate micro controller for computing the frequency.

px4fmu-v2 have 8 main channel and 6 aux channel,those channel all can be used for measure frequency.

Thank you for the quick response, but my question was if there are any others, since both the mains and the aux pins are in use for other items.

Only the pins which is connected to timer can trig frequency measure function.
You can refer stm32f4xx datasheet.