Buzzers beep when putting mc_att control to "stop" state

Hi I’am currently develloping on pixhawk architecture and I need to do some test by removing the mc_att control algorithne in the nuttx shell but when I do so, all actuators controlers are beeping all together each seconde, it’s very anoying.

I find this .

    if (!strcmp(argv[1], "stop")) {
        if (mc_att_control::g_control == nullptr) {
            warnx("not running");
            return 1;

        delete mc_att_control::g_control;
        mc_att_control::g_control = nullptr;
    return 0;

Seems like when using “stop” argv this is only making a null pointer of g_control object. So where is this managed ?!

If I don’t find I think I will go crazy T_T

EDIT: I thought I found something on but it dosn’t work. only work for the buzzer of the pixhawk not the actuators

My bad … one reboot later it worked !