Building a flight controller (PX4/FMUv5)


For a university project, we’ve been tasked with building a flight controller based on FMUv5 specifications and PX4 firmware. Our group has already acknowledged that innovating in this area is beyond our skills and we’re happy to settle at the very minimum of, building ourselves a flight controller based off existing documents.

To begin with, we learnt how to use kicad. We then created symbols for each of the sensors/ic’s and have begun collating them into the same document. Our FMU processor has been properly labelled using the FMUv5_stm32_pinout document. Connectors have been added to the schematic based on the Pixhawk4-Pinouts document.

The Current Problem
Our next concern is wiring up everything and we’re very lost. Based on the FMUv5_stm32_pinout document, each pin is provided with a functional description but we need help asking the right questions and breaking down what each of descriptions means. Some of them are direct and we can work with them easily, others are not. If anyone has gone through all 140 GPIO pins and understands them better than we do, please inform us!

If not, then we will document our findings here throughout the duration of our project, including a more direct approach: “PD12 pin (STM32F765IIT6) -> INT pin (ICM20689)”

When the GPIO pin connections have been identified, we will move on to the remaining 39 pins and no doubt ask questions about new concepts to us, such as decoupling, etc



I think you need to look at the datasheets of the specific STM32 and the sensors to understand why they are hooked up the way they are.

And I assume you’ve seen this?


Thanks for the advice!

I’ve definitely been going over the datasheets, it’s just taking a while because this is the first time I’ve dealt with any sort of processor.