[BUG] Customized plugin, Gazebo SITL


I had created a reset plugin that allow to reset the quadcopters during the simulation. I have added this plugin to the sdf files of the quadcopters models. In which I have created 3 different sdf files for the 3 quadocpters. The problem is that I am only able to see the plugin in the new quadcopters and not in the original one, and I am only able to reset the new quadcopters. For me it seems that, the original sdf file in not read.

Any ideas??

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The only solution found is to use only the created sdf rather than the original one, it look like that the original sdf file are protected against modifications, and they are generated each time after a new compilation.

Is there a base file to generate these sdf file for iris or for solo quadcopter?? If yes, is there any documentation guide ?

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