Board_get_mfguid_formated vs board_get_px4_guid_formated

Hello, I am fairly new to the px4 code base and I was looking through the code when I discovered this in Firmware\src\drivers\boards\common\board_common\ board_common.h:
int board_get_mfguid_formated(char *format_buffer, int size); // DEPRICATED use board_get_px4_guid_formated

I found this strange because there is almost no mention of board_get_px4_guid_formated in any other file that I’ve looked through and there doesn’t seem to be much about it online other than the github link to where the merge was proposed.

Is there a reason why board_get_mfguid_formated is used over board_get_px4_guid_formated despite the former being labeled as depricated?