Battery problem


My laboratory have two Iris+ with pixhawk, I have a battery problem with one.

when I connect the battery to Iris+, I get the following error

The led of the Iris+ is yellow.

I believe that the battery is not problem, because, If I connect the baterry to other iris+, the iris+ works.

What is the cause of the problem?


Is USB connected to the pixhawk?

Yes, I have USB cable connected to pixhawk

That’s the problem. If it’s to a companion computer you can use telem2 (+adaptor) instead. Don’t power the autopilot over USB for flight (it’s okay for bench testing).

thanks for reply! @dagar

maybe, I do not explain correctly the problem.

I made a video about of my problem.

my test is with the same battery

Hello! @dagar

i was able to solve my problem, I changed the voltage divider parameter in qgrouncontrol.